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6/7 Game Thread: Padres (30-28) at Brewers (28-31)

Zach Jackson makes his first career start as the Brewers take on Chan Ho Park, who pitched six shutout innings against the Crew at Petco on May 10th. Park has been surprisingly useful to the Padres this year, eating up plenty of innings and usually pitching well, despite occasional outings like May 21st in Seattle, when he somehow managed to allow ten runs to score.

I hate to sound too much like Bill Schroeder here, but the Padres would surely like a nice, long outing from Chan Ho tonight, as they've been forced to go to the bullpen early each of the last two nights. As for the Crew, we've got a small army of guys who haven't pitched in a couple of days. Thank you, Dave Bush.

Could we really be on the brink of a non-trivial winning streak? A four-game sweep would be awful nice here, especially with some tough teams coming in next week for interleague play. Despite sitting in fourth place with Roger Clemens on the way back to make things even harder, Clay Davenport's Postseason Odds Report suggests the Crew still has a 16% shot at the playoffs--a lot better than the Astros and even a bit better than the Braves. Plenty of reasons to keep the faith--there's more than Rick Helling's return to look forward to around here.

Go Brewers!