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Brewer a Brewer

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Brent Brewer, Milwaukee's 2nd round pick a yesterday, is in the fold:

The Brewers moved quickly Wednesday after completion of the June draft, signing second-round pick Brent Brewer and getting very close to a deal with first-round pick Jeremy Jeffress.

Brewer, a high school shortstop from Tyrone, Ga., agreed to forgo a football scholarship to Florida State, where he would have been a wide receiver. Scouting director Jack Zduriencik said Brewer had given every indication he would sign to play baseball if drafted in the top rounds.

Excellent. I figured that if the Brewers spent a high draft pick on him, they must have been pretty confident he would sign. And there it is. Let's hope for an announcement regarding Jeffress in the next couple of days. I'm hoping both of them head to Helena, as I might get a chance to see a couple H-Brewers games around July 1st.