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7/1 Game Thread: Brewers (40-41) at Twins (42-35)

The Brewers have reached the half-way point just about where they started the season: establishing they are a .500 team, but little more.  Of course, the Crew has gotten there with some important parts missing, but all the if's in the world don't push your record above .500.

Speaking of .500, last night the Brewers failed for (I think) the fifth time to nudge their record over the even mark.  With Francisco Liriano looming tomorrow, tonight's game is a very important one: the Twins are red hot, but Chris Capuano vs. Carlos Silva is a matchup that should give us the edge going in.  A good Twins fan would surely point out that, while Silva's numbers on the season (4-8, 6.43) are atrocious, he has strung together three consecutive quality starts, including an 8-inning outing this week against the Dodgers in which he allowed only two runs.

So...we'll hope April/May Silva shows up, along with the version of the Brewers offense that actually scores runs.  The lineup is just about the same as it was last night, only Bill Hall is back in the lineup in place of Chris Barnwell.  That ought to help.

Go Brewers!