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2006 All-Star Game Open Thread

I figured some of you might want to hang out and chat about the All-Star Game as it happens, so here's a thread for your enjoyment.

Starting lineups are here, and here's the complete roster.

Every year it seems like a couple of pitchers don't get into the game, but I think Chris Capuano and Derrick Turnbow are safe. Cappy is the only lefty among the starters on the team, virtually guaranteeing him an inning, maybe for David Ortiz's second at-bat. Turnbow may be the odd man out, since I would imagine Tom Gordon and Trevor Hoffman outrank him, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Turnbow and official NL LOOGY Brian Fuentes split the 7th inning.

Go National League! When the Brewers get to the World Series this year, we won't mind having home-field advantage one bit.