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Comments about Hernan Iribarren...and they're positive!

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus has this to say about Manatees second baseman Hernan Iribarren:

If you take away Iribarren's month-long slump, when he hit .247 in May, he has hit .354 in 50 games, including a .404 mark in his last 24 contests (36-for-89). He's similar to [Alexi] Casilla in that he has plus speed, a great feel for contact and nearly zero power, but Casilla's approach and defensive abilities (not that Iribarren is any kind of stiff with the glove) give him the edge.

Iribarren isn't perfect, but he is still only 22. Speaking of prospects, if you haven't already checked out John's Minor League Notes from yesterday's games, you gotta check out what Steve Hammond did last night.