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Bizarro Trade: Bunch o' Reds for Bunch o' Nats

Here's the scoop:

Nationals acquired SS Felipe Lopez, OF Austin Kearns and RHP Ryan Wagner from the Reds for RHP Gary Majewski, LHP Bill Bray, SS Royce Clayton, INF Brendan Harris and RHP Daryl Thompson.
This is crazy. On first blush (and probably several future blushes as well) the Nationals got a steal today. Kearns is a quality player who'll be under their control for while; Wagner could be a solid reliever, especially with the change of scenery, and Lopez--despite defensive shortcomings--is a solid offensive shortstop.

Majewski: good, maybe a wash for Wagner. Bray: decent prospect, ceiling is probably Majewski. Clayton: we all know that he's not Felipe Lopez, even back before he starting decling. Harris: probably roster filler; his ceiling is Clayton-ish. Thompson: the Nats #7 2004. I don't know much about him.

I don't really understand it from the Reds point of view. Majewski might help shore up their bullpen; maybe they think Bray can help this year, too. Maybe they're convinced Clayton's glove cancels out Clayton's bat, and that Felipe Lopez wasn't their future at short. But I suspect that any short-term gains Cinci reaps from the relief upgrade they lose at short.