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Astros fire hitting coach Gary Gaetti

I always liked Gary Gaetti. Well, except for when the Astros offense piled up runs on the Brewers. Back in the day, though, I liked him.

I would imagine that this move, more than anything else, is about trying to replicate the effect of changing managers in 2004, trying to trigger something like last season's 2nd half run. Gaetti was the obvious choice because the Astros offense is so putrid. I doubt it's about the hitting coach, though. That is, unless it was GG's decision to start the year with Brad Ausmus, Adam Everett, and Willy Taveras in the starting lineup.

It always seems irrational to me that a Major League team could get a boost from a change in managers or a change in a hitting or pitching coach. But it happens. If Roger Clemens keeps pitching well, if the good Aubrey Huff shows up in Houston, and if Preston Wilson decides it was really Gary Gaetti that was holding him back from hitting above replacement level...well, I suppose I might need to take the Astros more seriously.