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7/17 Game Thread: Brewers (45-48) at Giants (46-46)

Interesting...check out this lineup. Mike Rivera is starting for the second consecutive game and batting eighth, and Gabe Gross is moving up to 6th. Let's hope those moves generate some offense, because the pitching matchup is a little daunting. Zach Jackson (1-2, 5.94) goes for the Crew, while Jason Schmidt (6-5, 2.78) starts for the Giants.

On paper, I'd say San Fran has a slight edge.

The Braves are crushing the bejesus out of the Cardinals right now, though LaRussa probably isn't too worried, what with his team coming off a sweep. The Braves, however, are suddenly just as much in the Wildcard race as...uh...Milwaukee is.

Go Brewers!