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Monday Morning Linkage

Here are a few things that don't merit an entry of their own, but that I'd like to point out:

  • Here are complete ZR defensive rankings, following up on this post about the couple of Brewers who registered among the best and worst in the league. I'm surprised that Prince Fielder is at the very bottom of the 1B rankings; I don't expect him to win a gold glove, but I thought he was playing better than that.

  • Daron Sutton checks in from Arizona and says:
    With all due respect to those who share Jack's view, as a Brewers fan, I have no interest in next year....none. You have waited 13 years to follow a team that finishes with a winning record and a team that plays meaningful games in September. Ben Sheets is almost back, Tomo Ohka will be back Tuesday in San Francisco, the offense should regain its April and May form, and there may be a few salty veteran relievers available as the deadline approaches.
    We've debated the merits of the first part ad nauseum (and will likely continue to do so). But he supports his last statement by showing a bunch of pictures of "salty veteran relievers." Let's see...we've got
  • My friend Joe Hamrahi got to have a chat with Devil Rays GM Andrew Friedman--check out Part I here.
Tonight we've got Zach Jackson vs. Jason Schmidt, and we could be on the brink of Barry Bonds vs. Federal Grand Jury. Tomorrow Tomo Ohka will make his return; Ben Sheets will pitch for Nashville on Wednesday and could well start the following Monday for the Brewers. Good times.