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Breaking bad news

From Will Carroll's Under the Knife today, at Baseball Prospectus:

Expect J.J. Hardy to undergo surgery on his ankle. This would end his 2006.

I suspected we'd hear this sooner or later, as JJ's rehab assignment has been pushed back and pushed back again. I know many of you aren't crazy about him, but not having him really hurts this team. His defense is better than Bill Hall's, and needing Billy to play shortstop everyday obviously hampers the Crew's flexibility quite a bit.

It'll be a sad day when this is officially announced. It's also a sign that it'll be that much harder to jump back in the race, something Doug Melvin will have to consider when Bill Stoneman calls, offering Angels prospect swag for Carlos Lee.

Update [2006-7-18 11:29:29 by Jeff]: You know that line in the movie Dodgeball when Ben Stiller says "f***in' Chuck Norris?" Whenever I think about JJ's injury, or hear Sal Fasano's name mentioned in any context, it pops into my head: "f***in' Sal Fasano!"