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Swag watch

I have no idea whether Alfonso Soriano is viewed as a more appealing trade target than Carlos Lee. I guess he might be: he can steal a lot of bases and, at least theoretically, he can play second base. But I think Soriano and Lee are pretty close in their desirability to other teams, which is why I'm keeping a close eye on rumors involving Alfonso. Here's one:

In exchange for Alfonso Soriano, the Nationals reportedly asked the Tigers for a package including pitching prospects Humberto Sanchez and Jair Jurrjens, and a position player.
Sanchez is probably the Tigers top pitching prospect. Jurrjens isn't bad either: in two stops this year, he's kept his OPS against under .600. I would rather start with Joel Zumaya, but if I were Dave Dombrowski, I'd do whatever I could to keep him. I'm not sure I'd prefer a Sanchez/Jurrjens deal to a Mathis/McPherson-type package from the Angels, but it's a good option, should it arise.