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7/18 Game Thread: Brewers (46-48) at Giants (46-47)

Welcome back, Tomo!

Check it: there were 23 games pitched by Ohka and Sheets' replacements, and yesterday was the sixth time the Brewers won.  The sixth.

Obviously then, the team is happy to have Ohka back.  But will it be a Rick Helling-esque scenario, in which a mediocre injured pitcher is wrongly hailed as a savior upon his return simply because he doesn't abjectly suck?  

Ohka pitched okay on his rehab assigments, but torn (even "partially") rotator cuffs are pretty scary stuff.

Happily, there's some margin for error, as Ohka is opposed by ex-Brewer Jamey Wright, who somehow still has a career impersonating a Major League pitcher.  I really love this line from the Yahoo preview:

He hasn't had much success against the Brewers, going 2-4 with a 5.89 ERA in six starts.
His career ERA is 5.12!  Who has he had much success against?

Anyway, tonight's pitching matchup looks infinitely more promising than yesterday's, and look how well that turned out.

Go Brewers!

Update [2006-7-18 21:34:32 by battlekow]: Forgot to mention, Zach Jackson was the lucky guy demoted to the minors to make room for Ohka. Hopefully--and this has nothing to do with the way he pitched--we don't see him again until next year.