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Shea Hillenbrand DFA'd by Blue Jays

The Blue Jays just cut Shea Hillenbrand. The Brewers have shown interest before--he was rumored to be part of the Lyle Overbay trade until the very last minute. With JJ Hardy out for the season, Hillenbrand might be a useful platoon partner for Koskie. If we trust Jeff Cirillo to be the backup shortstop and second baseman, I'd rather have Shea on the bench than Chris Barnwell.

That is, if we trust Hillenbrand to get his act together and not destroy any semblance of team chemistry:

Hours before, Hillenbrand criticized the organization and said he expected to be traded. The designated hitter and corner infielder was upset because he wasn't in the starting lineup for the second consecutive game and nobody in Toronto's front office congratulated him on adopting a baby girl last weekend.

...Hillenbrand was designated for assignment during the game and was not in the locker room afterward.

"It will do wonders for the clubhouse," Gibbons said.