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7/2 Game Thread: Brewers (40-42) at Twins (44-35)

Us Brewers fans are really, really good at forgetting about the present and focusing on the future of the team, right?  We must be, or we all would've stopped following the team until about a year ago.  Well, if you're looking for something to be positive about while the big club gets its butt kicked, glance through John's Minor League Notes from last night's games.  Yovani Gallardo threw another seven shutout innings for Huntsville last night, striking out TEN, giving up just four baserunners.  Over his two Huntsville starts, that's 14 IP, 16 K, 2 BB.

It gets better.  In the Florida State League, where he has spent most of the season with the Manatees, he didn't get to bat: they use the DH rule.  But in the Southern League, when two NL affiliates meet, the pitcher hits.  So for the first time, Gallardo has faced pro pitching. In those two starts, he's 2 for 4.  With the way the Huntsville offense has been going this year, that might make him one of the top forces off the bench!  His two starts in Huntsville bring his overall ERA down to 1.76 with a K/BB ratio of better than 4:1.

And he's twenty years old.

Sorry--I got excited and forgot this was a game thread.  The Brewers have to beat Francisco Liriano, the best young pitcher in baseball (who is doing a pretty good impression of the best pitcher of any age in baseball) to avert a sweep.  Zach Jackson pitches for us, and while we can count on him to give us a good effort, you gotta wonder how the Twins offense would manage if Gallardo had been held back a day and called up.  I'm not saying that should happen anytime soon...but I do wonder.

Interesting lineup today for Ned:

  1. Rickie Weeks, 2B
  2. Jeff Cirillo, 1B
  3. Corey Hart, RF
  4. Carlos Lee, LF
  5. Prince Fielder, DH
  6. Bill Hall, SS
  7. Corey Koskie, 3B
  8. Brady Clark, CF
  9. Chad Moeller, C

In case you're wondering how the other half lives, here's your reading assignment:

Go Brewers!