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We got ourselves some All-Stars!

Congratulations, Carlos Lee and Derrick Turnbow!  Both are headed to the All-Star Game next week, possibly along with Chris Capuano.  Click here for complete rosters.

I don't think there's any doubt that El Caballo deserves the honor: there are plenty of impressive outfielders in the NL, but Carlos has had a tremendous first half, perhaps setting himself apart from the pack with his double-digit stolen bases.  Turnbow is right up there with the saves leaders.  If All-Star selections weren't so closer-heavy, D-Bow might not have made the cut, but is he one of the top four NL closers?  Probably.

Capuano made the cut for the Final Vote--the way Geoff Jenkins snuck onto the team a couple of years ago.  Our ace will have a tough time winning, though: his competition includes Nomar Garciaparra, Bobby Abreu, Billy Wagner, and Chris Young.  That vote isn't as tough as the AL's, though: Justin Verlander, AJ Pierzynski (boo!), Francisco Liriano, Ramon Hernandez, and Travis Hafner.  Tomorrow I'll write more about Capuano's chances and whether he should've made the roster before the Final Vote.