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Ben Sheets: rehabbin' and lookin' good

We don't exactly have a lot of good news to go around, but here's some:

Sheets, not particularly impressive in his two previous tests while attempting to rebound from tendinitis in his right shoulder, was throwing 96-mph fastballs and effectively mixing in curves, cutters and a few changeups.

"He was a little shaky in the first couple of innings," Kremblas said. "His velocity was up, which is good, and his breaking ball was sharper than the last time out."

Both Kremblas and veteran catcher Chad Moeller, who caught many games for Sheets in the Major Leagues, agreed that Sheets is ready to pitch for the Brewers.

I like the sound of that. One run in 6 1/3--that's good. And hey--sorry to digress--do you think Moeller could close games?