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7/23 Game Thread: Brewers (46-52) at Reds (52-46)

The season may be more or less lost at this point, but this afternoon Tomo Ohka will face the Reds and try to salvage a sliver of our dignity.

According to Ned, Dan Kolb "will get the majority of save opportunities" for the time being. Christina Kahrl could not have said it any better than this:

Now that Derrick Turnbow has gotten combustible, there's something remarkably sad about their pondering letting Dan Kolb show how very little he has to offer. What's the point of tricking the Braves into believing that Kolb was valuable if you actually wind up believing that yourself?

Battlekow offers some far superior alternatives to just handing the ball to the nearest so-called proven closer.

In the meantime, maybe the Brewers will decide enough is enough and make Eric Milton wish he had never come back from his latest rehab assignment. On the job is Ned's "Wacky Lineup #47":

Go Brewers!