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Caballo Sweepstakes Heats Up

Mike MacDougal, former Royals closer, just got dealt to the White Sox for minor league pitcher Tyler Lumsden. That's an innocuous deal, except that it's rumored to be the first leg of a mega-deal for the ChiSox.

According to Tim Kurkjian, the White Sox are about to send Brandon McCarthy to the Nationals as the centerpiece of a deal for Alfonso Soriano. This is major, major news for Brewers fans: I think it virtually guarantees that Carlos will be dealt, and it strongly suggests where to. Here's the impact:

  • With Sori off the block, teams looking for an impact slugger are down to either Carlos Lee or Bobby Abreu. Abreu comes with a massive contract, and it would appear that Pat Gillick is asking quite a bit for him.

  • The White Sox suddenly look like the favorites for the AL Wildcard--it might even give them an edge on Detroit for the Central. That means Detroit might feel the need to go for Carlos; it also means the Twins, Yankees, and Red Sox may feel like the stakes just went up.

  • At least two teams--the Tigers and Mariners--seem to have spent some time working on a Soriano trade. They know they need the bat, and Carlos is the best Plan B out there.

  • Getting the Soriano deal done right now gives Doug Melvin a week to figure out who among those options (and more?) is willing to go highest. And what's more, with scarcity comes higher prices.
I really don't like the White Sox, so I don't like what the Soriano deal will likely do for them, but as you can probably tell, I really like what it could end up doing for us.