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7/24 Game Thread: Pirates (35-65) at Brewers (47-52)

Whatever you think about the 2006 Brewers, we all can all agree on one thing: the 2006 Pirates are worse.

That is, when they're not sweeping us.

Tonight, it's Zach Duke (5.19; 2.63 vs. MIL) against Doug Davis. Jeff Cirillo is back in the lineup, as is Geoff Jenkins. I don't really expect Corey Hart to take over Jenkins's job, but...maybe one more start? Just one more? Full lineups are here.

While it's far-fetched, the Brewers are well-situated to make a last-ditch run at the Wildcard: a sweep of the Pirates and 2 of 3 from the Reds this weekend would put us right back in the thick of things. It might not help much in the long run, but at least it would make those of us wearing Brewers caps feel a little better about ourselves.

Go Brewers!