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Another day, another injury

Rickie Weeks left yesterday's game with "right wrist irritation," which means that, at least for a day or two, we're without three starting infielders.  I remember saying before the season that this Brewers team was incredibly deep; we'd be just fine as long as we didn't lose more than one infielder to injury.


Jim Powell was saying on last night's broadcast that he wouldn't be surprised if the Brewers acquired a "veteran" middle infielder--apparently there was interest in Royce Clayton (!!) before the Reds snapped him up, only giving up a promising young shortstop and a potential star outfielder in return.  It's understandable, though, that Doug Melvin would think Chris Barnwell isn't getting the job done.

It may be that Zach Sorenson or Brent Abernathy could come up and fill the gap, even if Rickie Weeks (heaven forbid) has to go on the disabled list.  But, as usual, I have a better idea.  Well, actually, it was my girlfriend's idea, but because she doesn't have a Brewers blog, I'm appropriating it.

Bring back Keith Ginter!

He's a fan favorite (my favorite, anyway), he can play multiple positions, Ned Yost knows and (I think) likes him, and he's having a decent year in Sacramento.  And best of all, we'd get to keep Nelson Cruz!