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Power Outage

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First off, I apologize for any difficulties you've had connecting to the site--apparently the SportsBlogs Nation network is growing faster than our servers can keep up with.  

Second, I apologize for not providing any updates since last night; in addition to the server problems, I've been a victim of the giant Queens power outage.  I had some power until last night, when they were "fixing it" on my block, which means I lost it last night.

So, let's turn to the bullet points to discuss the last 24 hours:

  • As you all probably know by now, Jorge de la Rosa has been traded for Tony Graffanino.  Chris Barnwell was sent down to make room for him on the roster.  Graff is a useful stopgap, as he can play any infield position, and he isn't an offensive cipher.  I like the fact that we've pulled the plug on the JDLR experiment, if only so we don't have to fret about giving him a roster spot into perpetuity.  At the same time, it sucks that we were basically forced into making some deal like this.  I wouldn't have minded giving up next to nothing for a lesser stopgap (like Keith Ginter, natch).

  • Apparently, Doug probably won't trade El Caballo.   "Under 50%" now.  It could be because he's not getting good offers...or maybe that 4 1/2 game gap in the wildcard is seducing him.  Either way, I'm convinced that Carlos should be moved, even if we don't get some ridiculous Sexson-like swag in return.

  • Ben Sheets is back!  Great outing last night, though it didn't turn into much.  I couldn't watch the game, due to the aforementioned power outage; did he look as good as the stats suggest he did?

  • Dave Bush blew up in relief last night.  I wonder if the club has considered (as we have on this site) making Bush the closer, since he held that job in college.  I would imagine his two unsuccessful relief stints have convinced Ned & Co that Bush's future is in the rotation, at least this year.

  • It's all Chorizo, baby.

I hope the server problems are behind us.  I'll put up a game thread for this afternoon's contest in an hour or so.