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7/26 Game Thread: Pirates (36-66) at Brewers (48-53)

Chris Capuano (10-5, 3.49) vs. Paul Maholm (3-9, 5.02).  This is a particularly important game, because...wait for it...

A friend informed me that Buster Olney, on the Mike & Mike radio show this morning, reports that Doug Melvin said he'll decide about dealing Carlos depending on the outcome of today's game.  I'm a bit perplexed by that, since beating the Pirates only says "we don't suck today", not "we're going to be in the Wild Card hunt."  I do understand that if we lose today, that's the very end of the rope.  

The very end.

It's yet another super-fun new lineup day: Brady Clark's leading off, with Rickie Weeks hurting, Bill Hall returns to #3, Corey Hart is in right, batting 6th, newcomer Tony Graffanino is playing 2nd and batting 7th, and Mike Rivera is keeping our eight-hole from being a vortex of suck.

Go Brewers!