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Baseball Prospectus Notebook

I wrote about the Twins for Baseball Prospectus today, and I was surprised to find myself suggesting that Terry Ryan do something other than send us lots of swag for El Caballo:

Perhaps the savviest move available to GM Terry Ryan would be a similar upgrade at third base, someone along the lines of Aramis Ramirez. Nick Punto will come back to earth eventually, and on the off chance he doesn't, he can slide over to second base. An impact acquisition in the infield--that is, one who doesn't cancel out his offensive benefit with his work in the field--would give the Twins depth they haven't enjoyed all season. And that might be enough to bring the playoffs back to the Metrodome.

If you're looking for the latest on Carlos Lee and his possible destinations, read through this great diary, which roguejim has been keeping up to date for us.