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Rangers package breakdown

Francisco Cordero: He's struggling this year, having blown tons of saves earlier in the season, but he has electric stuff and was the Rangers closer in '04 and '05.  

Money: this year he's making $4m, and the Rangers hold a club option for $5m next year.  If he has a good last two months with the Crew, he'd probably be worth it to any number of clubs in trade.  Or he could be let go as a free agent, and if he has that aforementioned strong couple of months, he could be an "A" free agent--we could get the same draft pick(s) we would've gotten for Lee!

Kevin Mench: His power is down a notch from last year, at 12 HRs and an OPS just under .800.  Not a ton of walks--in a lot of ways, he's Carlos Lite.  He might hit better against the weaker NL Central pitching, I don't know.  

Money: He's making $2.8m in his first year of arbitration.  I would imagine he'd be worth $5m or so in arby next year, up to $8-$10 million in 2008 if he has a strong 2007.

Laynce Nix: Young centerfielder, was a highly touted prospect and basically gifted the CF job last season, but either played his way out of it, or Buck Showalter doesn't like him.  He's turning 26 in October, so some of the luster has faded, and with Gary Matthews Jr. having a big year, he's less and less a part of the Rangers' future.  

Money: He's got 2 years of service time under his belt coming into the season, which could mean he goes to arbitration for the first time next year.  (It may depend on how much time he accrues in '06.)  Because he hasn't played much this year, he'll be cheap in arby this offseason, probably no more than $1m.  

Roguejim points out we're also getting Minor League pitcher Julian Cordero, who probably doesn't matter much one way or the other.