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Looking for the bright side, part I

Okay, so we got Francisco Cordero...I'm not entirely sure why, but we did.  His numbers on the season are quite mediocre--he pitched himself out of the closer job in April.  But check out his splits this year.  April was dreadful, allowing opponents to hit .333/.400/.562.  That's not quite Turnbow-implosion bad, but it's rough.

Since then, he's been one of the best relievers in the league.    For the last three months, he's held opposing hitters to a .234/.292/.328 line, striking out more than a quarter of the guys he's faced, with a K/BB ratio better than 3.5.  

If that's the pitcher we're getting, and Ned properly deploys the resources we now have, this might be a better team than it was when we woke up this morning.  Those are two HUGE if's, and they don't say anything about the future impact of this deal.  But maybe, just maybe, there's a silver lining here.