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Looking for the bright side, part II

Let's say, however fancifully, that today's move is part of some bizarre, drawn-out MASTER PLAN designed by Doug Melvin.  It was obvious (maybe months ago) that Lee would be moved, so some deal had to be made.  By making it today, with a series against the Reds before the deadline, there are still decisions to be made.

Scenario 1: We sweep the Reds.  

We start next week 3 games out of the wild card, and even have time to make one more deal...though I don't know what that would be.  We have a potentially great closer, we have a monster platoon in each outfield corner, and we could win this thing.

Scenario 2: We lose 2 or 3 games to the Reds.  

After crying ourselves to sleep on Sunday night, we wake up on Monday to find that Gord Ash has eaten all the pizza.  And that Doug has been working the phones.  After all, he still has mondo trading chips. Cordero has been great since May, and he has proven closer mojo.  Just about any contending team would want to get in on that.  If people are talking to the Rats about Roberto Hernandez, they'd surely be interested in Coco.  We also have Mench, who has been a hot commodity of sorts for the last 18 months, regularly appearing in trade rumors, especially linked to the Cardinals.

Scenario 3: We take 2 of 3 from the Reds.

I don't like this scenario, because we probably stand pat, though we're still five games out.  In this case, we trade someone to the Twins for Jose Cordero, because we want to complete the set and we don't know what else to do.  

In other words, this trade was a complicated hedge.  Lee had to go, and now we still have options with 74 hours to go before the deadline.  It may not be a clear win (far from it), but it will keep things interesting, and we could yet end up with a handful of prospects.