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More on the Caballo deal

More?  More?!?  Well, you see, not everyone was sitting at their computers this morning when the deal went down.  Marc Normandin at Beyond the Boxscore chimes in with his take, which is a lot like mine.  Maybe that's because we've been IM'ing about the deal for the last three hours.

Considering Mench is still a tradeable commodity thanks to his perceived value, and the Brewers already have a more than capable Corey Hart awaiting a starting gig now that El Caballo has changed zip codes, the Brewers made out well. The Rangers also did well, although they still could use another starter down the stretch. The Brewers should try as hard as possible to move Mench though; Mench hit .262/.315/.476 on the road from 2003-2005, and this year has turned in .295/.338/.423 with only one-fourth of the hits for extra-bases. In other words, sell high Doug Melvin, sell high.

The article also contains a thorough analysis of Laynce Nix as well; if you want to see why his stock has fallen, go see what Marc has to say.