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Still more!

This is getting out of control:

...Kevin Mench and Francisco Cordero are on the Brewers' active roster and should be available tonight, though apparently Mench won't get here until at least halfway through the game.

Also, the press box buzz is that the Brewers will announce another trade after the game or tomorrow -- apparently they're eyeing another (non-Reds) infielder.

Also, Jose Capellan goes to the DL, retroactive to July 25.  That opens the necessary roster spot for Cordero.

Update [2006-7-28 21:20:42 by Jeff]: It just got ugly.

The Brewers, apparently still in it to win it, were closing in Friday on a trade for Phillies third baseman David Bell.
Doug Melvin is talking with Jim Powell right now, and it doesn't sound good for Rickie--loose tendon in the wrist, could mean surgery at some point. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse.