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Life without Carlos, Day 2

We're in it to win...somethin'.

From what I've been able to piece together from Doug Melvin's interviews yesterday and various online reports, I don't like how yesterday ended.

Here's the deal.  There were two teams in it up to the last minute, and according to Doug, the other one was an AL West team.  Given that we haven't heard about the Mariners, and the A's only "inquired," we're talking Halos here.  Doug also said that he made the extra effort (including Nelson Cruz) to get the Texas deal done because he didn't just want prospects, which was what the other team was offering.  Doug said, multiple times, "two prospects."

Suddenly, yesterday, the Angels were in the running for Miguel Tejada, offering Ervin Santana and Erick Aybar.  Hmmm, Erick Aybar?  Major League ready infielder, can play third base?  You think he might come in handy right now?  He might not be the "proven contributor" that everyone seems to think Kevin Mench is, but we don't have a friggin' infield anymore!  When you trade for Tony Graffanino and David Bell in the same week, you think maybe a platoon partner for Geoff Jenkins is not the best use of your biggest trading chip in three years?

Barring some miraculous run cooked up by our aging new infielders, the Brewers are out of it this year.  After last night, they're even more out of it.  Aybar would probably have given us SIX YEARS at third base, allowing us to trade Corey Koskie after the season (if, let us fervently hope, Corey gets back to normal), move Ryan Braun to a corner OF spot, and solidify the team for next year and several years after that.

Note that I'm not even mentioning who the other prospect might've been.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up about that, but if the Angels deal was an adequate replacement for the Rangers package, you have to figure the second guy wasn't a scrub.  I halfway hope that the details never come out, because if the second guy was Jeff Mathis, I will be a very unhappy Brewers blogger.  

I'm going to stop ranting.  Here are a couple of things on the David Bell deal:

And for lots and lots on the Caballo deal:

Game Two of the series is tonight at 6:05 CT, Doug Davis vs. Justin Germano.  For kicks, you can watch Jorge de la Rosa start for the Royals at 7:05 against Carlos Lee and the Rangers.