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Belliard headed to the Cardinals

Rosenthal has the scoop:

Indians second baseman Ron Belliard is expected to be traded to the Cardinals if he makes it through Sunday's game healthy, has learned.

...Belliard, 31, recently missed six games with a hamstring injury, but returned to the Indians' lineup Saturday. The Cardinals want to make sure that he is fully recovered before completing the deal.

Doesn't matter much to us at this point, as we're not chasing the Cardinals. If Belliard plays like he has at his best, this is a major upgrade for St. Louis. He hasn't done much of that in 2006, though.

Update [2006-7-30 18:28:15 by Jeff]: This isn't quite Caballo or Abreu territory, but it is now official. I just got the press release from the Cards: Belliard for Hector Luna.