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7/31 Game Thread: Brewers (50-55) at Rockies (50-54)

Chris Capuano tries to regain his first-half form against Aaron Cook, another pitcher who had a strong few months but has struggled some in July. Ned returns to the lineup that won him Saturday's and Sunday's games, only swapping in Damian Miller for Mike Rivera.

As you probably know by now, the Crew didn't make any more deals before today's deadline, despite my fervent wishes. The Reds picked up more pitching, the Cardinals added Jorge Sosa to go along with Ronnie Belliard, the Cubs sent Greg Maddux and some cash to Los Angeles for Cesar Izturis, and the Pirates dumped about half their useful players for...Xavier Nady?

For a complete list of today's deals, Beyond the Boxscore is the place to be. They've also written about several of the bigger deals--and in more detail than you could possibly hope for.

Go Brewers!