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I-Day Game Thread: Reds (44-39) at Brewers (41-43)

This afternoon we have Doug Davis against All-Star Bronson Arroyo.  And after last night's game, we kind of have to hope that the Brewers score so many runs, All-Star Derrick Turnbow isn't needed.

Since the Brewers have approximately twelve thousand games left against the Reds this year, it'd be great if the offense could continue to beat Arroyo.  His last start against the Crew, on June 13th, was a step in that direction: 7 IP, 4 ER, and a loss.

Also, check out those records...Milwaukee is only 3.5 out of the wildcard, which is a remarkable testament to mediocrity all over the National League.  A sweep, of course, would be huge, but even one of the next two games would keep us in the hunt, and after getting crushed by the Twins, I'm trying to keep my expectations reasonable.

Go Brewers!  (And Vote Capuano!)