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Thoughts & Notes

Some semi-random notes provided as bases for hopefully-frenetic discussion as I kill time here at work:

  • Chris Capuano is currently second in the "anti-snub" balloting for the All-Star spot.  Honestly, I figured he'd finish fourth, behind the "names," but the results so far speak to the quality of the Brewers' marketing team.  Can he beat Nomar?  There's only one way to find out: Vote Cappy!
  • Joe Winkelsas, the Good King himself, retired yesterday, apparently due to a chronic neck injury.  I didn't know that he was the pitching coach for Niagara University last year, though it explains a lot; perhaps if he had been a bit more careful, this neck thing wouldn't have happened.  Major League teams should seriously consider writing no-barrel clauses into contracts. Seriously though, this should allow the Brewers to add someone useful to the 40-man roster, which is always a good thing.
  • We all know how our Jeff (Sackmann) has a bit of a mancrush on Anaheim's Jeff (Mathis), and so apparently does Ken Rosenthal, since he wrote and article clearly designed to send our Jeff into a frenzy.  
    Still, if Stoneman adds Kendrick along with a proven slugger, it's easy to envision the Angels earning their fourth post-season appearance in five years. Their defense has been surprisingly poor, but they're third in the league in ERA and the switch from Jeff Weaver to his younger brother Jered Weaver makes their starting pitching even better.
    I don't know if it's that easy, but it's heartening that the Angels and the media still see the team as serious contenders. Rosenthal even helps the Brewers' case by showing that Carlos Lee is third-best close & late hitter in baseball, behind Albert Pujols (duh) and Reed Johnson (who?). Milwaukee is also interested in Jeff Weaver, who was recently DFA'd by the Angels.  He'd certainly be an improvement over Rick Helling.
  • J.J. Hardy is still sticking with rehab over surgery for a loose ankle tendon.  If surgery might be necessary in the offseason whether or not he's able to rehab to the point where he can play this season, why not just have him get it out of the way?  No one at the paper is saying it, but Hardy's absence really isn't costing the team much.
  • A former Brewers' draft pick and brother of a guy you might have heard of, Jemile Weeks, was selected to the U.S. National Team.  I like Jemile Weeks. He talked to me on Facebook once.