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7/5 Game Thread: Reds (44-40) at Brewers (42-43)

Could it be?  Is it possible?  Despite the royal (maybe that's "Royal") disaster that was interleague play, the Brewers could still go into the All-Star Break at or above .500.  Today the Brewers are counting on Carlos Villanueva to bounce back from his worst Major League outing so far.  

We're also counting on the offense to figure out Elizardo Ramirez this time: you may recall that the last time Carlos V and the Lizard hooked up, nobody scored until the 11th inning, when Ned Yost did Adam Dunn a huge favor--a favor that has intimidating facial hair but a not very intimidating fastball.

There's still time to vote Chris Capuano into the All-Star Game--not only that, but there's hope for him even if he doesn't catch up with Nomar.  Pedro Martinez is hurting, which could open up a spot for another starter.  If Cappy finishes second and Phil Garner is looking for a Pedro replacement, the choice is obvious.

Go Brewers!