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Reds acquire Eddie Guardado

The arms race has begun.  First Jeff Weaver goes to the Cardinals, now the Reds acquire "I used to be able to pitch well Everyday" Eddie Guardado.  Here's the story:

The Reds obtained Guardado and cash from the Seattle Mariners for minor league pitcher Travis Chick on Thursday. The trade came hours after the latest in this season's series of bullpen meltdowns -- blown leads in the 10th and 13th innings of a 6-5 loss at Milwaukee.

"He lives for the ninth inning. He loves the pressure of being in that situation, and we're going to give him that opportunity," Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky said.

However, I wouldn't worry just yet that the Reds have catapulted far above the Brewers.  The Mariners, despite getting swept by the Angels this week, are still in the hunt--they just dealt a decent prospect for Eduardo Perez a few days ago.  That they are getting rid of Guardado indicates that he's nothing like the force he used to be.  To wit:

This year, the normally reliable reliever known as "Everyday Eddie" struggled and was demoted in May after blowing three save chances. Guardado was 1-3 with five saves and a 5.48 ERA, and was serving as a setup man for J.J. Putz.

We've got a slew of games left against the Reds this month--the heart of the Brewers order will surely help Guardado lose a few more in his new uniform.