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The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Third round choice & captain of the NCAA champion Oregon State Beavers Cole Gillespie signed with the Brewers today. Their top 11 and 14 of their top 15 picks have now signed.

Also, head on over to the main page at Baseball America and you'll see a pretty picture of the guy fast becoming the Brewers' best prospect, Yovani Gallardo.  Chris Kline also praised Gallardo highly in his chat:

Q: Charles Berg from Houston, Texas asks:
Early Top 5 to watch for the minor league player of the year award?

A: Chris Kline: Berg-Piece, Wow. Good question, even though it's not early. We start tracking players for our minor league POY watch as camp breaks. Right now I'll go with Jay Bruce, Alex Gordon, Chuck Lofgren, Yovani Gallardo and Homer Bailey.

Begin salivating.