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7/7 Game Thread: Cubs (really bad) at Brewers (44-43)

Okay.  We finally edged above even.  Can we stay there?  The lineup tonight is yet another new one, this time marked by the inclusion of (drum roll please...) Mike Rivera!  Rivera is batting eighth, right behind Gabe Gross.  Jeff Cirillo, again, is in the two-spot, playing third.

The pitching matchup looks to favor the bad guys: All-Star Carlos Zambrano (7-3, 3.33) vs. Zach Jackson (1-1, 6.11).  Zach was knocked around by the Twins his last time out, so I'd say he's due to give us a quality start.  

In All-Star news, Roy Oswalt was added to the NL team to replace the injured Pedro Martinez.  I would've much preferred that Chris Capuano get the nod (obviously!) but really, Oswalt is not a bad choice.  And considering Phil Garner is managing the NL team, it's a bit surprising that Roy didn't make it in the first place.

Go Brewers!