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7/8 Game Thread: Cubs (still really bad) at Brewers (44-44)

Last night, the Brewers were simply playing like gentlemen.  You know, the Cubs aren't going to win very many games this year, and if Carlos Zambrano doesn't get a win now and then, who will?  Now that we've allowed our weaker adversary one victory for the series, we can slam the door.

Dave Bush (5-6, 4.45) pitches against Carlos Marmol (1-3, 4.73).  If that matchup sounds familiar, that's because it happened ten days ago, too.  In that game, both Bush and Marmol pitched into the seventh, allowing only one run.  (Bush's came on a Juan Pierre homer. Ugh.) In that game, Dan Kolb imploded and the Crew lost it, 6-3.

Fortunately, speaking entirely from anecdotal evidence here, it seems that the Brewers offense performs a lot better when they've seen a pitcher before.  Marmol was new (and pretty nasty) last time around, but tonight he won't have the benefit of surprise.  

Go Brewers!