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7/9 Game Thread: Cubs (33-54) at Brewers (44-45)

Pretty important game today on all fronts.  The Brewers are playing not to lose 3 out 4 to the Cubs to end the first half, which could only be viewed as an awful disappointment (honestly, only splitting would be pretty disappointing).  The Cubs are potentially playing for Dusty Baker's job (maybe they'll throw the game?).  Mark Prior is playing to demonstrate that he's also not still injured; despite striking out 22 in 21 innings since his return, he's still sporting a Brewers-fifth-starter-esque 7.71 ERA.  Mark Prior!

Check this out:

Since his 5/29 debacle in Pittsburgh, Doug Davis has a 2.95 ERA in 39.7 innings with 37 hits allowed, 36 K's & only 11 walks.  Not brilliant as far as hot streaks go, but pretty good when you view it as a regression to the mean.  A lot of us were saying about Doug at the beginning of the year, "He can't possibly be that bad," and as it turns out, he's not.

Go Doug!  Go Brewers!

Update [2006-7-9 13:55:17 by battlekow]: Chris Capuano is an All-Star! Jim Powell just announced on the radio that Tom Glavine decided to sit it out, and Capuano was named as his replacement. Congratulations to Chris & the Brewers.