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MLSD update and MIGRATION!

I've updated the MLSD through games of July 6th.  In much bigger and better news, I've finally moved the whole shebang to a prettier, database-backed site independent of Brew Crew Ball.  Check it out here:

I encourage you to check out the new site and poke around.  Consider yourselves my alpha-testers...I wrote most of the code for that site without an internet connection, and it's my first try at web programming, so there are probably mistakes.  

I hope you like the simple design--for the most part, I stole it from a very popular website that most of you are probably familiar with.  

Bigger news, though, is that along with moving the site to a new home, I added some new features that I've long wanted to include:

  • A player search function, so you don't have to hunt through league and team lists to find a certain player.

  • For players who have been on multiple teams, there are always links to their splits for those other teams, so you can quickly compare, for instance, Yovani Gallardo's A-ball performance with his Double-A dominance.

  • Along the same lines, you can also see a player's cumulative splits if he has spent time with multiple teams.

  • I've saved what I think is the best for last: now you can see a full-season game log for every Minor League player.  You'll find out how the player performed (including batted-ball types) every day he's been in the lineup, and you can see the progression of his averages throughout the season.  The game log feature is a bit slow, because the site generates those tables when you click on them--I'd like to pre-generate all of them for you, but there are over 5,000 players in the database, so it's far from practical when the alternative is waiting a few seconds.

In the next couple of days, I'll shift entirely to the new site and stop updating the one here.  I purposely didn't link to any of the features I mentioned because I want at least a few of you to head over and explore.  Let me know what you think--it's a work in progress; most of all I just want it to be as functional as possible.