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8/9 Game Thread: Cubs (48-65) at Brewers (53-60)

I'm not usually a betting man, but I couldn't help but notice the moneyline on today's game: -130, with the Brewers favored. Given the records of the Cubs and Brewers, that's not too surprising (a moneyline of -130 equals a probability of winning of about 56.5%).

But that line really illustrates just how far Mark Prior has fallen. Before 2006, I don't know if the Cubs had ever been underdogs when he started. Now he's 1-5 with a 6.64 ERA and Vegas figures that even the lowly Brewers can beat him.

Doug Davis is starting for the Crew, and he'll try to nudge his ERA back under 5.00. It's important: the better he pitches, the better draft picks we get if he signs elsewhere this offseason.

For some reason, Bill Hall has the day off; that means Jeff Cirillo is at second and Tony Graffanino is playing short. It's not every day you can move around a bunch of players in such a way that you suffer both offensively and defensively at multiple positions. Here are the complete lineups.

Go Brewers!