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8/11 Game Thread: Brewers (54-60) at Braves (52-61)

It's a battle of the two most delusional franchises in baseball! Both are playing for the Wild Card despite, well, not really having a chance. Whatever you think of Doug Melvin's moves so far, at least he hasn't given up excellent young players to fortify the bullpen.

Here are the lineups. It should come as no surprise that, twenty minutes after finding out that Geoff Jenkins is benched for the indefinite future, Corey Hart is still not playing. I think one of these days we're going to see Mike Rivera playing right field. Ned'll say, "we really wanted to get his bat in the lineup more than one or two days a week. And Corey is just too valuable to us absorbing splinters on the bench, keeping his teammates safe from unsightly rashes."

In other news, this could be quite a pitching matchup: Chris Capuano vs. John Smoltz. Vegas likes Smoltz, to the tune of -154, and after Cappy's last few outings, I'm not sure I disagree. However, Smoltz hasn't faced Tony Graffanino in quite a while, and we all know what a monster Graffy can be.

Go Brewers!