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8/13 Game Thread: Brewers (55-61) at Braves (53-62)

It's Tomo "Rrow" Ohka vs. Tim Hudson this afternoon.  Hudson, as you can see, has not had a pretty year, but he does have his ERA on the sunny side of 5.00 ("the lighter side of pedophilia"), and them thar fancy Hardball Times metrics suggest that, beneath the warty surface, he's actually pitched about as well as in past years.  Then again, they also say Glendon Rusch has been "unlucky" for the past decade.  Anyway...

  • Some guy in Manitowoc wrote a eulogy for Geoff Jenkins:
    But this is in no way a eulogy.
    Yes it is, don't believe him.
  • Wes Munson, our 38th-round pick our of Fond Du Lac HS, told the Brewers to get bent and will instead attend the University of Missouri. (He's obviously never been to Missouri).  Wes, you coulda been a hometown hero.
  • Native San Diegan (San Diegoan?  Whale's Vagina?) Tony Gwynn, Jr. got a nice little write-up by the Union-Tribune:
    Gwynn will be back in The Show soon enough. Almost certainly, he'll be among Milwaukee's call-ups in September. In getting sent down, though, he's already experiencing something his dad never did.

    "He was up, and it was a wrap," Gwynn said. "He was up for the next 20 years."

    You'll never be as good as him!  Never!  Get out of my life!

Okay, back to the big city and today's game.  Chipper Jones is coming out of retirement, which he spent in AA battling Yovani Gallardo, so let's all give him a big round of applause and maybe a stripper or two. I'll try to post lineups when they come out.

Go Go Gadget Brewers!