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8/15 Game Thread: Brewers (55-63) at Pirates (46-73)

Corey Hart is starting again! Tonight features the lineup which will probably be the usual for the rest of the season: Brady Clark leading off, Corey in right batting sixth, with Prince Fielder, Billy Hall, and a bunch of mercenaries filling out the rest.

I'd really, really like the Crew to turn a corner right about now: we're down to 24th in the Prospectus Hit List rankings, which is low enough to earn us mention in Prospectus Matchups as part of the "worst matchup" tonight. This club might/could/should play so much better--if nothing else, it's shaping up to be a solid team in 2007.

Speaking of turning corners, Doug Davis will try (again) to get himself under 5.00, and the Brewers will try to redeem themselves: Vegas is favoring the Pirates. The PIRATES!?!

Go Brewers!