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Everybody Loves Billy!

John Sickels just did a Prospect Retro on everybody's favorite super-utility #5 hitter, with some interesting tidbits:

Promoted to Beloit in the Midwest League in 2000, Hall hit .262/.287/.370....he knocked 30 doubles, which was impressive. But he stole just 10 bases in 21 attempts, and he posted a horrendous 18/127 BB/K ratio in 470 at-bats. Very few hitters with ratios that poor develop into useful properties at higher levels. The only things that he had going for him at this point were youth and athleticism. . .he was in desperate need of more polish. He hit the ball on the ground a lot and grounded into 12 double plays despite his speed. I'd have rated him a Grade C- prospect.
The K rate, of course, is still a problem, but it's gotten a little better. And hey, if you can hit 30 HRs a year in the big leagues, it doesn't matter that much!