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Thursday Morning catch-all

A few things I wanted to pass along:

  • Matt Wise was unavailable yesterday due to "nerve irritation in his right elbow." That's good to know--if Ned Yost had really gone with Kolb in the 10th and Shouse for the entire 11th because he preferred those guys to Wise, then I'd just resign myself to the obvious fact that he's completely insane.

  • The Brewers haven't played too many extra-inning games this year, but prior to last night, they've hit very well in them: in 42 at-bats, the team has put together a .357/.426/.738 line. Bill Hall is a big part of that: in his four ABs, he's 2-4 with two dingers.

  • In case you haven't heard enough about the Carlos Lee trade yet: a friend of mine did a podcast with me last week on that very subject. You can find it here. Also check out the Todd Schmitt interview--very entertaining.

  • Speaking of the trade, Nelson Cruz has pulled ahead of Kevin Mench in HR count. At 2-1, it's not breaking this team...but still. It's the principle that counts.

  • I love traffic logs. Check out this site, which sent me a couple of hits recently. I...had no clue that such things even existed.

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