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Cardinals sign Preston Wilson

When players have post-concussion syndrome, their teams are forced to do desperate things.  First, the Brewers willingly elected to eat David Bell's salary (with an extra dollop of mayo, which I think is totally disgusting).  Now, with Jim Edmonds out for a little while and possibly (did someone say Corey Koskie?) out for much longer, the Cardinals signed Preston Wilson.

Yes, that's right: it's not 2002, and a team willingly added Wilson to their team.

Anymore, it's not really realistic to think we were going to catch the Cards, but this does show just how mediocre a year they're having.  What's more, they optioned Anthony Reyes to Triple-A to make room, bringing Mark Mulder back after a less-than-stellar rehab start.  Maybe this is part of an elaborate plan: the Astros got better after they ditched Preston; maybe the Cards are going to DFA him in a week and watch success come their way.