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8/18 Game Thread: Astros (58-63) at Brewers (57-64)

The Astros have a buzzsaw of a rotation sometimes--after Brandon Backe tonight, we'll see Roy Oswalt tomorrow and Roger Clemens on Sunday.  In other words, losing last night's Jason Hirsh-Ben Sheets matchup hurts.  Bad.

Tonight's matchup--Backe and Tomo Ohka--has spent much more time on the DL than off of it, so it's a bit hard to judge.  Tomo's never easy to predict anyway; Backe has had only two quality starts in five outings, but he's hasn't once been shelled, Tomo-style.

Corey Hart inexplicably returns to the leadoff spot, because Ned really likes his guys who can get on base and then get caught stealing.  Prince Fielder and Gabe Gross (both lefties) are back-to-back in the lineup, making one wish we had some righty power to put in the middle of the lineup.  You know, one of those touted youngsters: Cruz, or maybe that outfielder whose name is just like the 80s pop star...

Go Brewers!