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Slow Hook

Missing in action

Why does Ned keep doing this to us?

It seems like every night--especially with Doug Davis and Ben Sheets, but with others as well--he decides he'll wait until the last possible moment to pull his starter. Then, at the last possible moment, he's in the bathroom, and he doesn't bring in a reliever for three more batters.

This would be less ridiculous if the Crew wasn't carrying 8 relievers in the bullpen. True: Derrick Turnbow really isn't available for important innings right now, and Matt Wise has been dealing with an injury the last couple of days. But that still leaves six guys, two of whom can be relied upon for three or more innings, and at least one (Jose Capellan) can pitch two.

A couple of days ago, I pointed out that Davis falls apart after the fifth inning. That isn't always the case with Sheets or Dave Bush, but with virtually everyone who has started for the Brewers, it's not hard to tell when our guys have their best stuff. Even for uneducated rubes like us. Last night, Sheets wasn't hitting 90 on the radar gun, and he had given up five runs through six innings. Think he might be done?

What frustrates me the most is Ned's apparent inability to learn from his mistakes. It took him months of watching Jenkins whiff before he even sat him for a couple of lefties. He seems to think Dan Kolb is a top-notch big-league set-up guy. And--perhaps because he's an old-school baseball guy and wants his men to play like men--he seems to have a completely incorrect notion of what kind of stamina his starters have.

I don't know about you, but when I think about what I want in a manager, a firm grounding in reality is near the top of the list.

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