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8/19 Game Thread: Astros (58-64) at Brewers (58-64)

Lucky for us: Roy Oswalt can't go tonight. Instead, we get Wandy Rodriguez, who has had some success against Milwaukee (who hasn't?), but has a 5.22 ERA on the season, and was recalled from Triple-A just to make this start.

Dave Bush, who is about a half-run better than Wandy, goes for his 9th win of the year and a .500 winning percentage. Nedley seems to have figured a couple of things out: Bill Hall is batting cleanup, Kevin Mench follows him, and Corey Hart is back in a power-hitting slot. Whether that sticks the next time Gabe Gross is in the lineup...we'll see.

Speaking of Ned, we've all been beating the same drum on and off for weeks now, but I think Jacob said it best:

yost is simply a terrible manager. crappy hitters, like yost was, always look for ways to score runs without getting hits. it's all you can do when you suck. But you cannot succeed if you don't hit the ball.
You think that if Yount became manager, we'd see less crap like this? You think that'd be the first time in Major League history a manager whose name starts with a "Y" was replaced by someone else whose name starts with a "Y"? Me too.

Go Brewers!